Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elizabeth Bird

Hmm well to start off I'm totally bummed that I missed the reunion. I was so excited to come and see all the old friends. I pulled a total blonde moment and thought it was Saturday night not Friday and I actually sat home doing nothing the night of the reunion. Total bummer! I was sad. I did however make it to the Saturday picnic softball game and saw some old faces that I haven't seen in a long time and I had a great time! :) I'm not into this blogger thing and not sure how to do all of it so I may need some pointers :) I do the my space thing and face book thing and I've found so many old friends and it's been great to keep in contact and catch up on the lives of old friends. As for me and the last ten years wow.... I don't even know. So much has happened and boy how time flies when you're having fun. :) Right after high school as some  of you may know I got married and unfortunately have since been divorced. I am currently single and have been going on four years now. I don't have any children. I have Sugar Bear a black lab puppy though and she is the best! I worked for Stevens~ Henager College after high school. I worked there for almost eight years and did variety of different positions. I loved working with my students and built many great professional relationships and friendships.  I also obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration through SHC. I resigned from Stevens~Henager in September 2007 and took a big leap of faith as I didn't have another job! I just was ready for a change. I then worked as a Regional Manager for a clothing company called Undertease which was based out of Provo. I loved that job and it was a lot of fun to do the marketing and management of the malls and kiosk and their online orders, however the retail industry is very demanding of your time and especially your weekends and I decided that it wasn't for me. I went to college in order to free my weekends :) I then resigned from there and got hired on at Novell. I am presently working for Novell and I love my job. Novell is doing surprisingly well with the present economy and they  treat us awesome! I own a home in Spanish Fork that I bought when I just turned 21. Currently I am renting my home out  and I am living back at home with my parents in Springville. It's tough being back at home but I have great parents and until the economy picks up a bit that is where I'll plan to be. I keep in touch with as many friends as I can... usually through facebook or myspace :) I love hearing from old acquaintances and friends so please keep in touch.... and remember to bear with me because I don't know how to do this blogging stuff :) :) :)

Randa (Gonzalez) Farnsworth

I thought I would also send my update since attending the Reunion.
On Sept 10th we added a little boy to our family.
Carson Arlow was born at 7:57am at Utah Valley Hospital.
He weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 inches long.
He's been my smallest baby so far!  So far he has also been my
best baby! He's so mellow and sleeps great!  I just hope he stays that way!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tanya (Clifton) Bingham

I just thought I'd take you up on your offer to post an update. I was really hoping it would work out for us to make it to the class reunion, but my baby decided to come a few weeks early. In fact, Cayson was born on June 14, the weekend of the reunion! He weighed in at 5lbs 14 oz and ended up spending 10 days in the NICU as a result of his prematurity. He's obviously doing great now, and we love having a boy after our 3 girls! Can't wait for another 10 years to see where everyone's at!

Marc Lambert

What have I been up to? After HS I worked for Doyle Hatfield Masonry and attended UVSC. I played quite a bit, so it took a while to get my Associates degree. From there I moved up to SLC to attend The University of Utah. I earned my BS in Exercise & Sport Science in 2006, and was accepted to the Physical Therapy program at the U. The summer of 2007 I completed an orthopedic clinical internship in Twin Falls, ID. 
This summer I was in Redding, CA at a rehabilitation hospital working with neurologically involved patients. I'm in my last year now and will have my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May 2009. I am not married, don't have any kids, and still waiting for that special girl. I started Skydiving a few years ago, and have ~150 jumps. I jump about every other weekend in Ogden. After school I plan on heading back up to Twin Falls, ID to learn how to B.A.S.E. jump.  
I've seen a few of my SHS classmates hear and there. I still head to Mapleton and help out around my folks house. If you want to know more about what I'm up to check here:

Celeste (Minch) Hepworth

Wow! Time goes by so fast. So after graduating and attending UVSC for a few years, I decided that Utah was not the place I wanted to be. I moved to Clarksville, Tennessee where I got a job working for Army Air Force Exchange Services as a cashier and worked my up to supervisor. I had a brief stint in childcare services and as a surgical tech for an oral surgeon. I met my husband, Wayne (a medic in the United States Army) in April of 2004 and we were married by December. His first name is actually Lester but only the Army calls him that. His brothers, in their infinite humor, nicknamed us Celester and it seems to have stuck. We got married in Springville December 31, 2004 and returned to TN where he faced deployment. We were saved from that by a transfer to Yuma, AZ. I got a job as a paraprofessional at the elementary school on post and enjoyed my job. I worked with several great teachers but came to the realization that teaching was not really what I wanted to do after all. While there, I got pregnant with our first daughter Anne Elisabeth, born August 2, 2006. I finished out the school year and turned in my resignation to become a stay at home mom. 7 short months later I found out I was expecting number 2. Not long after finding out I was pregnant again we were transferred to Ft. Hood, TX where we currently are. After talking it over for a while, we've decided that the Army has been good to us but it's not the life we want forever so when his time is complete, Wayne will be done with the Army and going to school to be a nurse. That being the case, we bought a house here in Killeen, TX. Our second daughter, Melisande Noelle, was born on November 30, 2007. I was blessed to have wonderfully simple pregnancies. Wayne is currently deployed and serving our country in Afghanistan. He will be there for 15 long months, 2 of which have already passed. We are lucky to be able to talk on a regular basis through e-mail, internet voice calls, ocassional sattelite phone, and instant messenger. I'm still a stay at home mom and have recently adopted a puppy that gives me just as many loving trials as my two beautiful girls. The picture to the right is our last family photo before my husband left. Hopefully, it will not be our last family photo ever. While he's been gone, I've been spending my time making quilts and curtains, cross stitching, and fixing up the things which have fallen apart in our house since he left. These things keep me busy enough to not miss him as much. I also stay busy with my calling as a primary teacher in church and as a volunteer for our Family Readiness Group in the Army. And, of course, raising my children. Well, I think that brings everyone up to date on the last 10 years of my life. If you'd like to keep up with my family check us out or you can catch me on Facebook or MySpace by my full name Celeste Hepworth.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reunion Pics

Just a few pictures from the reunion...check your email for more!  If you haven't received an email from us, send your info to springville98{at}gmail{dot}com.

Cody Peterson

I am married and have three kids now, one girl and two boys. I am working at the University hosptial as a nurse assistant and I getting my nursing degree to be able to 
become a flight nurse on life flight. I have been writing songs since highschool and been attending songwriting seminars Cali. 
 I just finished my first album, songs are  availiable for download on   
you can also contact me if you want a signed Cd. You can also purchase hats and t-shirts with my band logo (-CODY-) on it.  


Monday, August 25, 2008

Devin and Haley (Peterson) Twitchell

Let's see...A lot has happend in the past 10 years.  To start off, Devin served his mission in Barcelona Spain.  In the meantime I stayed home and continued my education.  I also had my adorable little girl Camryn who is now 9 years old.  Wow!  Time flies when you're having fun.  
Anyway, when Devin got home we met up in a singles ward and dated for a year and married in July 2002.  Soon after that we found out we were pregnant with little Leigha.  She was born 4 days shy of our first anniversary.  She lived with us for 4.5 months and returned to her Father in Heaven.  We cherished every moment we had with her.  A few weeks after she passed on, I graduated with my RN and waited about 6 months before I sarted working.  Devin continued his education @ BYU in cancer research.  It wasn't too much longer when we found out we were pregnant again with our 3 child, little Ethan.  He will be 3 next week.&nbs p; He sure gave us a run for our money!  I had to do mouth to mouth on him twice, but he made it and is one energetic little boy.  We lived in an apartment in Provo for little while.  
When the opportunity arose to buy a home..we took it.  

We moved to Orem and lived there for about 2 years where we had our 4th child this past January.  Little McKenna is almost 8 months old now.  Between working/school and being full time parents, we certainly had our hands full.  Devin had been applying to PhD programs all over the US.  He got accepted to some, but in areas that would cost us dearly financially.  So, we picked one and left for Tennessee so Devin could pursue his education  We actually left the day of our reunion to go out and buy a home in Tennessee.  

Well, actually we are living in Mississippi but it's just right on the boarder.  Everything is cheaper in Mississippi.  I guess we will be here for at least the next 5 years but it will all pay off in the long run.  Right now I get to be a stay @ home Mom.  That's something I've never had an opportunity to do since I've had children.  I'm going to cherish this time I have with my children. That doesn't seem like much, but that's everything for now.....if you want to check out our blog go to

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Audra (Munn) Gines

The last ten years have flown for us. After high school, I went to Utah State for two years. In the summer of 2000 I came home and started working as a Real Estate Asst.; that same month one of my really good friends and soon to be hubby came home after serving for two years in the Bristol, England LDS Mission. We were married September of that summer. During this time I worked for NuSkin Ent. and had our first child two years after we were married. Jake, worked for Kevin Scholz Architecture Firm for two years and then we headed up to University of Utah where Jake was accepted to the Arch + Design Program. We lived in Sugar House for four years, and loved it.
We had our second child, Holden the summer after Jake's first year of his BS.

During this time, Jake was able to travel to Spain to study Architecture as well as Japan the next year where I was able to visit for 10 days as well. We had some great experiences while in school, but I can gladly say it's OVER!

Jake received his BS and MA from the U of U and graduated as one of the top in his class. After graduating and sifting through different offers, we decided to come back to work for Kevin Scholz at Sholz & Associates in Provo. We were excited that our kids would be able to play outside more and have more opportunity to live the lifestyle we wanted them to have.
About one month before the U of U started back up, the school contacted Jake and offered him a teaching position for the First Year Arch. Students teaching the Studio Class. This was a huge opportunity for him and of course he took it. What turned out to be supposedly temporary has turned into something he loves and will continue to do; being that they want him to continue teaching three times a week during the school year. Busy!

Just before Jake went into his final year of his Master's, I started selling Lia Sophia. It gave me the opportunity to get out of the house 1-2 nights a week and still stay at home with my kids while my husband finished school. I have now been with the company for two years and it has done great things for us. I really enjoy it, and the opportunity I have had to travel, and meet amazing women. I am now a Unit Manager and love the results that have come from it. Check out my website @!!!

Last May right after Jake graduated, I competed in my first Triathlon down in St. George UT. It was a great experience and is something I will probably try to do the rest of my life, I am also coaching my little sister's softball team this summer, which if you know me, I love and has proven to be a lot of fun. Jake and I are both planning in running in the Hobble Creek Half this coming August!

We have been blessed and I'm grateful for all the things we've accomplished!

Katie (Elder) Ball

I love seeing everyone’s blogs here. I googled Springville High class of 1998 to see when our reunion would be and realized I had missed it. I am glad to have found this online reunion. Well after Graduation I went to Utah State University to major in Elementary Education. I had a plan I was going to study hard and play hard and NOT get a boyfriend. I hadn’t even been moved into my apartment 24 hours when the best-looking guy I had ever seen walked in.
I knew I was in trouble, but tried my best to ignore him. It was pretty useless, the first time he kissed me I wasn’t sure if my legs would work to get me back to my apt and I knew my plan was busted. So eight years, two kids, two cars, three apartments, and two houses later we still like each other.
I took a social problems class in college and it inspired me to change my major to counseling with a minor in sociology. I put my self through college working at a flower shop and loved it. I had the opportunity to do counseling at Utah State and Mountain Crest High School. Ironically after all of that I realized I did not like counseling and I loved flowers J. My husband is a structural engineer (primarily a bridge engineer). Shortly after graduation our first son, Avery, was born.

Two weeks later we moved from Logan to Portland Oregon so Austin could take a job as a bridge engineer. We were there for three years and had many great adventures. We LOVED it there and would love to live there again someday. However after our second son was born, Everett, we thought we should move back to Utah to be near family. So five weeks after Everett was born we moved to River Heights, Ut (by Logan). After coming back to Logan I started doing weddings at the flower shop I worked at through college at night after my kids went to bed.

Then last fall it went up for sale and I bought it. I have a partner and we have it worked out that I work from home all but one day a week. So I mostly stay home but own my own shop. It is crazy busy and most days more than I can handle but I love it. My boys are almost 5 and 2 they are so funny. At times they make me want to pull my hair out, but also they give me the happiest moments of my life. I often give them hugs and hope that that through osmosis they can absorb all the love and hope I have for them. Our family blog is I look forward to what adventures and changes the future holds for all of us. I would also like to thank all of you for giving me a great high school experience full of memories that 10 years later still make me smile. GO RED DEVILS!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nicole (Nielsen) Donaldson

10 years has gone by in a blink yet been so full of adventure as I'm sure it has been for everyone whether you're in Utah, away, single or married or have children. And this is what makes it so hard to know where to begin...
After graduating from Springville High I attended BYU and changed my major a few times, finally settling on Nutritional Science with a Russian and Chemistry minor. I had so much fun, even rooming with Taryn Burton my freshman year and going to St. Petersburg on a summer study abroad with Taryn and Allison Arnold among others. I then served in the Russia Moscow mission from 2001 to 2003. After returning home and a few interesting relationships later I met my husband Joseph Donaldson (Timpview '96) randomly one summer evening on BYU campus while walking to my car. A dance, weight lifting, and nutritional science class later we were engaged and married April 2004 and then found ourselves in Louisville, KY for Medical school that August. In the four years there we had two children, our daughter Elle (2 1/2) who my mom says is a "mini me" but a daddy's girl and our son Hyrum (9 mos) who follows the Donaldson boy tradition in looks and height. After my husband's graduation this May we moved our things to New Orleans in preparation for Internship and Ophthalmology residency starting in June at LSU-Ocshner for the next four years.For now I enjoy the challenge of staying at home with our children and am anxiously looking forward to what the future holds for our family.
This summer has been filled with many mini reunions for our family and we are so grateful for this time to reflect and reconnect and we look forward to seeing/hearing from as many of you as we can. We'll definitely be enjoying a scone and some root beer at the Art City Days festival this week! Please keep in touch on facebook or email

Allison Arnold

Hello! You know, I thought I'd feel older by now. Maybe I will after I recap the last 10 years. At the end of our senior year I'd won first in state at a language competition so after graduation I went to Moscow for a few weeks to compete in the International Olympiada of Spoken Russian. That was an interesting experience and I came away with a bronze medal. That might sound good but to be fair it was more like they gave everyone a bronze medal just for being there and not that I actually won third place in anything. After I got back from Russia I moved with my best friend Julie to Heritage Halls at BYU. We had a blast as roommates and ended up sharing apartments a few more times during college. I studied International Politics and Russian and was president of the BYU Rebel Swords Fencing Club. You know we were cool because we had "Rebel" in the name of our club. The summer of 2000 I went on study abroad to St. Petersburg with a small group that included Nicole and Taryn from high school. I wouldn't say we did a lot of "study" that semester but we definitely had adventures in holy water and some insanity. On my way home I stopped in Helsinki and played with Laura who some of you may remember as the exchange student from Finland during our senior year. While I was in Russia Julie had moved to New Zealand for a year. That sounded awesome so I went to visit and we traveled the islands and saw some sheep. I continued my studies with an internship at the International Crisis Group in Washington DC. After that I graduated with my BA in Political Science. During the 2002 Olympic Winter Games I was a volunteer up at Soldier Hollow. Then I decided to go on a mission and was called Spanish speaking. Yep, Spanish speaking. I ended up loving it of course but it was pretty funny and I had a Russian accent at times. The years seem to have flown by since then and currently I live in Orem and work as the HR Manager for Utah Valley Pediatrics. I haven't given up on a career that relates to my college education but it's taking awhile. So for now I'm here and enjoying life with my family and friends. A few years ago I took up the Brazilian martial art Capoeira and I love it. It keeps me running around and working hard and someday I will learn to flip like the gymnast I never was. You gotta have goals anyway. Happy ten years everybody!

Tiffany (Myer) Fuller

I wish I could make it to the reunion but things just didn't work out. After graduating back in 1998 I was off to UVSC . After a semester I started Dancing with Fire & Ice Country Dance Team. This was a blast and let me travel throughout the country every few weeks just to dance and compete. After our Team won the World Championship in Nashville TN I decided that it was a good time to move on. I transferred over to BYU to finish my BS in Business, and started working as a Financial Manager for a Medical Imaging Company. In 2001 I met a guy who actually tried to kiss me three different times on the first date. I was told he was a "player" but that I was also and we deserved each other. I guess we did deserve each other because we were married in 2002. In 2004 My husband Jared graduated from BYU, so July 2004 we moved to Des Moines IA, and our first son (Kaden) was born that next month. I was able to keep my job and work from home while hanging out with Kaden. After two years in Iowa we moved to Sandusky, Ohio for Rotations. We spend our time at Cedar Point and traveling around the East. Dec 2007 Jared matched to an Anesthesiology, Residency in San Antonio TX, so we bought a house and moved down to TX. We have only lived in San Antonio a month and have really enjoyed it. I am still working as a Financial Manager and we are expecting our Second Son in September. Time really does go by fast and it has been really fun reading about everyone. My blog is, If you would like to see more of what is going on with us.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jonathan Barney

I had planned on attending the reunion, partly as an excuse to see family and friends in the Mapleton/Springville area, but unfortunately my job is keeping me in my adopted home of Bethesda, Maryland. I cannot believe that we are all nearing 30. We're old. After graduation I studied history and linguistics at Utah State University interrupting my studies with a 2 year stint at a missionary in Ohio where I learned to appreciate the finer aspects of Racoon cuisine. Seriously, it wasn't all that hick, but I did see fellow Red Devil David Young while I was there. Returning home I completed my education taking time to work summers in Yellowstone and study abroad in Cairo, Egypt where I studied Arabic and Arabic Calligraphy.

After USU I was accepted to Princeton University's Department of Near Eastern Studies where I pursued a Master's Degree and continued to study Arabic and Arab culture from some world class professors. After leaving Princeton I got a job with an NGO in DC run by an acquaintance of mine from Egypt. As a wet behind the ears newbie to the real world, I worked at the Mosaic Foundation ( doing everything from filing bills to organizing international bazaars and scholarly lectures.

After one year at Mosaic, I received a phone call from someone who has changed my life forever. A women who did contract work for Mosaic called to offer me a position working for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia under HRH Princess Haifa Al-Faisal, daughter of the late King Faisal and wife of the former Saudi Ambassador to the US. I am being hired as a Research Consultant (I prefer "Roving Royal Researcher") to assist the descendants of His Majesty King Faisal, who died in 1975, in compiling and creating an archive devoted to his memory containing documents, books, pictures, etc of his life and reign. I have been signed on to the project for one year with a chance to extend if they like my work. In fact, I just returned from visiting with Princess Haifa and other royals in Saudi Arabia. You can learn more about my new job at my blog where I will be posting pictures of my world travels which will take me all over the United States and to most of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, India, and maybe a few others. I am very excited and overwhelmed my new position and can't wait to get the project underway.

As to my personal life. There isn't one! Just kidding, I have dated (do date), but I am still single at 28 which makes it all the easier now to galavant around the globe like the world's most boring copy of Indiana Jones. After this job is over I plan to persue a degree in Archive Sciences at the University of Maryland (I have already been accepted, but afterwards got this new job and decided to defer my matriculation). Upon graduating, I hope to settle into the staid life of a rare books and manuscripts curator. Check out my website for continuous updates from the Roving Royal Researching and see when I'm going to a town near you!

Matt Vernon

So now that the reunion is days away I guess I should finally sit downand come up with a post. I started up at BYU the fall followinggraduation, studying chemistry. I completed one year before leaving on a mission to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Upon returning I met my future wife, Heather, relatively quickly (we were lab partners in a chemistry class; nerdy, huh?) and we were married about a year later. We continued going to school and living in Springville, and finally graduated in 2004, me in chemistry and Heather in bioinformatics. From there it was off to snowy Milwaukee for medical school for the next four years, where our first son, Isaac, was born in '06. Our second(male, but yet to be named) should be arriving in October '08. Meanwhile Heather has put her skills to work to help put me through school, working for the med school and for a related company. I finally graduated in May of this year, and I will be doing my first year of residency in Milwaukee and then we will move to Minneapolis next year for another four years of residency in radiation oncology.Unfortunately I was unable to land a spot further west than that, but we like the midwest too. Until residency starts we are vacationing and camping, and we were lucky enough to have the class reunion fall when we would be in Utah anyway!